who am i?

my name is zach! i am an english teacher by day and a sack of bones by night.

this is a separate attempt at keeping a running blog with my thoughts on various aspects of games and media that i engage with. i was using a blogger account for a while, but that started to get filled with some of my creative writing, and it felt like a conflict of interests to keep posting games stuff there. i think i also just wanted a change of scenery. starting this blog (or.. trying to) in 2021 (edit from 2022: haha, nice) is part of a project for myself to decentralize the spaces i spend on the internet from social media. i really liked developer at analgesic games marina kittaka's blog about how social media has choked out the beauty of personal websites in the early-internet days and how our communication has suffered as a result. so! in an effort to set myself apart from that hurlyburly, uh this. welcome!

frequently asked questions